Your Guide to Textiles in the Kitchen

Is there something missing in your kitchen that you just can’t put your finger on? A lot of the time beautiful kitchens get their cred from the details. It’s all in the details! When thinking about how to stylishly choose these tiny, but important aspects it’s good to know what is in style and how designers are mastering these features in their kitchens. We’ve created an insider list of things to think about when choosing the “extras” for your kitchen.

Yellow Curtains White Kitchen


Since kitchens are often the meeting place for all of the traffic in the home, curtains can really go through a lot. Experts recommend getting a material that is light-weight and durable like cotton to withstand all of the action. Plus, since cotton is such a common fabric, you can really get creative with the colour and print. If your kitchen is largely plain you can feel free to get funky with an interesting pattern!


tea towels

When deciding on what towels to get think: function AND style. You want to make sure your towels are not just purely decorative, but you don’t want them to be unattractive and strictly for clean-up as well. A few things here to consider could be absorbancy, strength, shrinkage, appearance, and size. Make sure your towels are complimenting the look of your kitchen, but also working hard for your practical needs.

The Rugs


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The rugs are often a forgotten element of a kitchen, but are very necessary players. First decide where it is you need rugs. A good rule of thumb is to place a rug where you stand the most and decide based on comfort- these are usually in places like in front of the stove, an island, or the kitchen sink. Next, you want to make sure that the rugs match with the table or island in the kitchen. This will visually pull the room together in a cohesive way. Also, make sure you are coordinating your colours with the other textiles and fabrics in the room. You don’t want it to look too chaotic in there!