The Grace of Displaced: How to Live Without a Kitchen During a Reno

Deciding to get your kitchen renovated can be a very exciting experience. You get to make all kinds of fun decisions like materials, colours, flooring, and more, but the decision to stay or go during the renovation can be tricky. After all, how do you operate while the kitchen is being overhauled?

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to ease this part of the renovation process and make the transition much easier on you and your family.

Make a Makeshift Kitcheneclectic-kitchen

One of the most important aspects of getting through the renovation is deciding where you will call home-base for all of your kitchen needs. One client of ours utilized their dining room as the kitchen and organized cutlery, plates, glasses etc. in different labelled boxes. They also purchased a small fridge to keep some items that were used every day such as milk, sandwich supplies, and other small items.

Sometimes the appliances can be replaced during the last part of the renovation so, freezing meals and reheating them is a great way to still eat at home during this process. Disposable plates and cutlery also make it easier to just dispose of instead of washing dishes.

Utilize Escape at Homenational-barbecue-month-2014

If you are having your kitchen renovated in the summer it’s easier to escape from the noise and chaos. If you have a barbecue and patio furniture it will be simple to cook and have meals outside. You can cook a range of things on the barbecue such as grilled meats, vegetables, and even baked casseroles!

Really Escapeimages

If creating a makeshift kitchen or eating outside every day is less than ideal, or just not plausible for you, you may want to consider creating alternate plans for this time period. The kitchen designers can give you a time frame of when you can expect to be back in the house, and this will help you to make alternate arrangements. You will still be able to coordinate with the designers to ensure that everything is getting done within the scheduled time.

The Result20120426232416-0a987891

Once you see your custom kitchen renovation the displacement will be a faint memory. The stunning results of our custom kitchens are always breathtaking and exciting for the homes we work in and you will barely remember what life was like before this. Give us a call today to get started on your kitchen renovation!