Sinking in Trends: Choosing the Right Sink for your Custom Kitchen

If you’re going through the decision-making process of a kitchen renovation you know that there are a lot of options out there. If you’re having a tough time deciding on a sink we have compiled a list of trending sink styles and functions for this year that are popping up in our custom kitchens.

self-rimming sink

Self-Rimming Sinks

Self-Rimming sinks are a really popular choice for most kitchens. The rim sits on the counter supporting the basin, which is below the counter.

Self-rimming sinks come in several styles and the height of the rim can be varied depending on what you’re looking for. These types of sinks typically leak less as well since they are usually made from single-piece molded designs, which means there are fewer seams where a leak could sprout from.

under-mount sink

Under-mount Sinks

The distinctive feature of an under-mount sink is the edge lip of the sink being mounted below the surface of the counter. The sink sits below the surface to create a continuous flow from counter-top into the sink.

These types of sinks are best suited for solid surface counter-top materials such as granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete. Cleaning is easier with the undermount sink because you can just wipe scraps into the sink without any gunk getting caught on the rim.

integrated quartz sink

Integrated Quartz Sink

Integrated sinks are the ultimate in smooth transitions from counter to sink.

The sink and counter top are made from the same material which greatly reduces any seams or cracks in the counter to sink transition.

We are loving the integrated kitchen sinks in quartz this year. Pair the integrated quartz sink with a sensor faucet and you have a truly modern kitchen combination.

porcelain apron sink

 Porcelain Apron Sink

Or otherwise called the “farmhouse sink” is usually a lot deeper than the undermount or top-mount sinks.

When families were larger and meals were prepared more in the home, the deep sinks provided space and function for more use.

Faucets typically need to be installed in the countertop as this type of sink doesn’t usually have space for faucet fixtures.

bamboo apron sink

Bamboo Apron Sink

Not your typical sink material, bamboo is one of the most durable types of wood and can come in various grains and colours.

This is a slightly more eco-friendly material as bamboo trees tend to replenish themselves faster than most other types of trees. This is a very trendy sink option.

We work with several different sink and kitchen fixture suppliers and can find the right sink to fit your lifestyle and your kitchen. Contact Moda Kitchens today!