Renovating a Smaller Kitchen

We recently had the pleasure of working with a home owner who was looking to renovate a small-ish kitchen to make it more modern and beautiful, while also making it more functional.

When you have a small kitchen, space is always an issue. All those handy kitchen tools, small appliances, dishes, and of course the food, need to go somewhere. Limited kitchen cupboard space means that somethings got to give and that often manifests in cluttered, overflowing cabinets and countertops that have become the home to whatever can’t fit in the cupboard.

But a small kitchen can be functional! In this small kitchen renovation we made the most use of space as we possibly could. All the wall cabinets extend to the ceiling offering more storage space for your kitchen essentials. Cupboards in the island are amazingly practical. Nice, deep pot drawers allow for efficient stacking of pots and pans without taking up too much cabinet real estate. And the best use of space yet – the giant wall of custom cabinetry!

By using an ultra modern bookmatch walnut door for the cabinets we’ve created a warm and inviting feel to the mid-century modern kitchen design. The white quartz counter top with waterfall edge provides lots of extra counter space for those times you need it and a nice clean contrast to the wood to brighten up the space. To really personalize and open the appearance of the space we added in a custom made walnut framed mirror embedded into the subway tile wall.

For more ideas on how we can help provide the perfect renovation for your small kitchen, call us today!

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