Fall in Love with these Luxurious Bathrooms

Most mornings thousands of people take some time before their day starts to jump into the shower and get on with their day. Some people come home and like to wash off the day by taking some time in the bath. What if your shower and bath routine could be one of the favourite parts of your day? We’ve found some of our favourite bathrooms from around the world. We’d never be able to leave these rooms in the morning!

The Five Stream Shower


With a five stream shower you’ll likely end up late for work every morning as you enjoy your own spa escape. This is a pure luxury shower that you’ll wonder how you lived without.

Colour Changing Tiles


Throw your hyper-colour t-shirts, mood rings and colour changing mugs directly into the garbage. These colour changing tiles are the NEW amazing way we can test the water.

 Indoor Outdoor Look


Pretend you’re in a private outdoor shower, but in the privacy of your home and with warm water. Much more relaxing.

 The Rain Shower Bowl

Although there are stereotypes on what a good looking bathroom should look like based on magazine articles and internet websites, our personal touch is very important in bathroom shower designs and determines what sets it apart from other bathrooms.If you want to entertain yourself while in the bathroom, you can install speakers in your shower space so you can sing along with the tunes or move your body to the beat as you wash your body and get yourself thoroughly clean.

This tub can double as a pool for your children and the rain shower fixture will leave you thoroughly washed.

 A Room With a View


There is something to be said about relaxing with a serene view, and when you can pair that with a warm bubble bath you’re bound to let go of any stress you’re holding onto.

Surely these bathrooms are enjoyed by their owners and you can also get the bathroom of your dreams by giving us a call! We’d love to design and install the bathroom of your dreams!