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Top 10 Interior Design Bloggers 2015

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Thousands of blogs were nominated for the Better Homes and Gardens blogger awards for 2015, and only 10 were chosen as the best this year. Check them out below to get all the best information on decorating your new home!

Editor’s Pick: The Makerista


photo source:

Gwen Hefner makes everything in her home along with her handy husband Micah. See her blog for creative ways to make your home beautiful.






Reader’s Pick: The Inspired Room

Melissa focuses on simple, doable ideas to decorate, organize, and love the home you have. No big budget, complicated skills, or fancy power tools required.

Centsational Girl

Kate is from Northern California. She’s a bargain hunter, design lover, renovator, and incurable DIYer. She’s all about making her world fabulous for less, one DIY project at a time.

City Farmhouse

Jen is a simple girl who adores family and home. This is her online diary & journey in making her second house a home. She shares DIY projects, thrifty decorating solutions, food inspiration, and moments of honesty as a mother, a wife, and as a person trying to juggle life gracefully.

Coco & Kelley

Cassandra Lavalle is the founder of coco + Kelley where they curate and create fresh ideas for designing and styling your life. From interiors, parties, and tabletops to travel, food, and fashion- they approach is all with an urbane eye that captures the essence of effortless sophistication.

Elements of Style

Erin Gates is the founder and principal designer of Erin Gates Design, a Boston based interior, fashion and event styling firm. Erin works diligently to create spaces that blend new and old, high and low and modern and traditional styles on all budgets.


Dana and her husband traded in their McMansion for a small, dilapidated 1950’s ranch that they’ve deemed the underdog. The blog follows them as they tweak their underdog into a bona fide stylish family home and chase some dreams. There are likely to be messes, mistakes, and miracles along the way.

Old Brand New

Dabito is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and vintage vulture who currently lives in New Orleans. He posts about his eclectic home and design projects being worked on.

Savvy Home Blog

Gabrielle lives in Montréal and has grown the blog to become not just a blog, but an online décor destination providing inspiration, shopping and décor services to other avid decorators. The Savvy Home style is influenced by a love for the coastal lifestyle, mixed with the tradition and comfort of American design.

So Haute Style

Nicole Gibbons is an interior designer & founder of So Haute. Style meets home on this blog. So Haute is filled with inspiring interiors and useful ideas.

Your Guide to Textiles in the Kitchen

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Your Guide to Textiles in the Kitchen

Is there something missing in your kitchen that you just can’t put your finger on? A lot of the time beautiful kitchens get their cred from the details. It’s all in the details! When thinking about how to stylishly choose these tiny, but important aspects it’s good to know what is in style and how designers are mastering these features in their kitchens. We’ve created an insider list of things to think about when choosing the “extras” for your kitchen.

Yellow Curtains White Kitchen


Since kitchens are often the meeting place for all of the traffic in the home, curtains can really go through a lot. Experts recommend getting a material that is light-weight and durable like cotton to withstand all of the action. Plus, since cotton is such a common fabric, you can really get creative with the colour and print. If your kitchen is largely plain you can feel free to get funky with an interesting pattern!


tea towels

When deciding on what towels to get think: function AND style. You want to make sure your towels are not just purely decorative, but you don’t want them to be unattractive and strictly for clean-up as well. A few things here to consider could be absorbancy, strength, shrinkage, appearance, and size. Make sure your towels are complimenting the look of your kitchen, but also working hard for your practical needs.

The Rugs


Photo source:

The rugs are often a forgotten element of a kitchen, but are very necessary players. First decide where it is you need rugs. A good rule of thumb is to place a rug where you stand the most and decide based on comfort- these are usually in places like in front of the stove, an island, or the kitchen sink. Next, you want to make sure that the rugs match with the table or island in the kitchen. This will visually pull the room together in a cohesive way. Also, make sure you are coordinating your colours with the other textiles and fabrics in the room. You don’t want it to look too chaotic in there!


Fall in Love with these Luxurious Bathrooms

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Fall in Love with these Luxurious Bathrooms

Most mornings thousands of people take some time before their day starts to jump into the shower and get on with their day. Some people come home and like to wash off the day by taking some time in the bath. What if your shower and bath routine could be one of the favourite parts of your day? We’ve found some of our favourite bathrooms from around the world. We’d never be able to leave these rooms in the morning!

The Five Stream Shower


With a five stream shower you’ll likely end up late for work every morning as you enjoy your own spa escape. This is a pure luxury shower that you’ll wonder how you lived without.

Colour Changing Tiles


Throw your hyper-colour t-shirts, mood rings and colour changing mugs directly into the garbage. These colour changing tiles are the NEW amazing way we can test the water.

 Indoor Outdoor Look


Pretend you’re in a private outdoor shower, but in the privacy of your home and with warm water. Much more relaxing.

 The Rain Shower Bowl

Although there are stereotypes on what a good looking bathroom should look like based on magazine articles and internet websites, our personal touch is very important in bathroom shower designs and determines what sets it apart from other bathrooms.If you want to entertain yourself while in the bathroom, you can install speakers in your shower space so you can sing along with the tunes or move your body to the beat as you wash your body and get yourself thoroughly clean.

This tub can double as a pool for your children and the rain shower fixture will leave you thoroughly washed.

 A Room With a View


There is something to be said about relaxing with a serene view, and when you can pair that with a warm bubble bath you’re bound to let go of any stress you’re holding onto.

Surely these bathrooms are enjoyed by their owners and you can also get the bathroom of your dreams by giving us a call! We’d love to design and install the bathroom of your dreams!

Sinking in Trends: Choosing the Right Sink for your Custom Kitchen

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Sinking in Trends: Choosing the Right Sink for your Custom Kitchen

If you’re going through the decision-making process of a kitchen renovation you know that there are a lot of options out there. If you’re having a tough time deciding on a sink we have compiled a list of trending sink styles and functions for this year that are popping up in our custom kitchens.

self-rimming sink

Self-Rimming Sinks

Self-Rimming sinks are a really popular choice for most kitchens. The rim sits on the counter supporting the basin, which is below the counter.

Self-rimming sinks come in several styles and the height of the rim can be varied depending on what you’re looking for. These types of sinks typically leak less as well since they are usually made from single-piece molded designs, which means there are fewer seams where a leak could sprout from.

under-mount sink

Under-mount Sinks

The distinctive feature of an under-mount sink is the edge lip of the sink being mounted below the surface of the counter. The sink sits below the surface to create a continuous flow from counter-top into the sink.

These types of sinks are best suited for solid surface counter-top materials such as granite, soapstone, marble, or concrete. Cleaning is easier with the undermount sink because you can just wipe scraps into the sink without any gunk getting caught on the rim.

integrated quartz sink

Integrated Quartz Sink

Integrated sinks are the ultimate in smooth transitions from counter to sink.

The sink and counter top are made from the same material which greatly reduces any seams or cracks in the counter to sink transition.

We are loving the integrated kitchen sinks in quartz this year. Pair the integrated quartz sink with a sensor faucet and you have a truly modern kitchen combination.

porcelain apron sink

 Porcelain Apron Sink

Or otherwise called the “farmhouse sink” is usually a lot deeper than the undermount or top-mount sinks.

When families were larger and meals were prepared more in the home, the deep sinks provided space and function for more use.

Faucets typically need to be installed in the countertop as this type of sink doesn’t usually have space for faucet fixtures.

bamboo apron sink

Bamboo Apron Sink

Not your typical sink material, bamboo is one of the most durable types of wood and can come in various grains and colours.

This is a slightly more eco-friendly material as bamboo trees tend to replenish themselves faster than most other types of trees. This is a very trendy sink option.

We work with several different sink and kitchen fixture suppliers and can find the right sink to fit your lifestyle and your kitchen. Contact Moda Kitchens today!

The Grace of Displaced: How to Live Without a Kitchen During a Reno

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Deciding to get your kitchen renovated can be a very exciting experience. You get to make all kinds of fun decisions like materials, colours, flooring, and more, but the decision to stay or go during the renovation can be tricky. After all, how do you operate while the kitchen is being overhauled?

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to ease this part of the renovation process and make the transition much easier on you and your family.

Make a Makeshift Kitcheneclectic-kitchen

One of the most important aspects of getting through the renovation is deciding where you will call home-base for all of your kitchen needs. One client of ours utilized their dining room as the kitchen and organized cutlery, plates, glasses etc. in different labelled boxes. They also purchased a small fridge to keep some items that were used every day such as milk, sandwich supplies, and other small items.

Sometimes the appliances can be replaced during the last part of the renovation so, freezing meals and reheating them is a great way to still eat at home during this process. Disposable plates and cutlery also make it easier to just dispose of instead of washing dishes.

Utilize Escape at Homenational-barbecue-month-2014

If you are having your kitchen renovated in the summer it’s easier to escape from the noise and chaos. If you have a barbecue and patio furniture it will be simple to cook and have meals outside. You can cook a range of things on the barbecue such as grilled meats, vegetables, and even baked casseroles!

Really Escapeimages

If creating a makeshift kitchen or eating outside every day is less than ideal, or just not plausible for you, you may want to consider creating alternate plans for this time period. The kitchen designers can give you a time frame of when you can expect to be back in the house, and this will help you to make alternate arrangements. You will still be able to coordinate with the designers to ensure that everything is getting done within the scheduled time.

The Result20120426232416-0a987891

Once you see your custom kitchen renovation the displacement will be a faint memory. The stunning results of our custom kitchens are always breathtaking and exciting for the homes we work in and you will barely remember what life was like before this. Give us a call today to get started on your kitchen renovation!